How to Donate

Below is a list showing the 5 ways you can donate to Fairview.

Further details about most of these options are available below the list!

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Pre Authorized Remittance (PAR)

To arrange for automatic monthly transfers from your bank account to the church, please fill out the attached PAR Form and return the completed form to the office. 

If you wish to change an existing PAR Authorizion please use the form below and return it to the office.


Please contact the office to order personal weekly-giving envelopes or to make a one-time donation.

Donations can be dropped in the churches secure mailbox located just outside the parking lot entrance.  It is checked and emptied frequently. We would prefer that you do not include any cash in anything you place in the mailbox.

Canada Helps

Another way to give is through Canada Helps. Click below and you will be taken there.

Here is a link to a Youtube video to help explain how this process works. 


Another way to donate is through the Donate button on Fairview's Facebook page. This is done via PayPal and the option to use a credit card is available with this option only. Click below and you will be taken there.

At the moment the best we can do is to take you to our Facebook page. We are investigating to see if we can take you directly to the Donate button or not. It may be that you need to be logged into Facebook through your personal account to make a donation this way.

Interac e-Transfer

This easy and secure way to donate is done through your banks online web site or phone app and it does not cost you or us anything!

There are two separate email addresses depending on whether you wish to make a donation to the General Fund or to the Memorial Fund in memory of or in honor of a loved one or someone you knew.

The process is the same for both!

In both cases we will need your contact info so we can send you an income tax slip for your donation at the end of the year. Please put this info in the comment area when filling out the Interac form.

See below for specific info needed for each type.

General Donations

For these donations we need to know if your donation  is just for general use or for a specific use such as the Facility Renewal Fund as well as the info mentioned above. Please put this in comment area as well.

The email address for General donations is:

Memorial Donations

For these donations don't forget to tell us who the donation is honoring in the comment area along with the info noted in the general area above. In the case of a donation honoring a person who has passed away, your contact info is passed on to the family to make them aware of the donation. If you do not wish this to happen please let us know.

The email address for Memorial donations is:

Below is a link to a Youtube video published by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce that shows how to do an etransfer. Note that this is specific to CIBC's process. Other bank's processes will be similar but there may be some slight differences.

Confused? More Questions?

If you want to get started with the process of Donating, or if you have questions, or comments, let us know here!

Thanks! Message sent.