Welcome to Fairview

Coming to a new place can be intimidating. We know that people come to worship services for all sorts of reasons. Hopefully the information below will answer some of your questions and make things a little easier for you.


Our Service

What time is the Service?

Our services start at 10:30 from September until the end of June. (Summer schedules can be different). Services usually last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


We are located on 49 Wayne Drive, Brantford, Ontario. We are also open during the weekdays for church groups and community space.

Worship at Fairview

Our worship is a mixture of formal and informal time, action and quiet, words and reflection, singing, story, and sermon.



Is there Parking?

Yes, we have a parking lot. It can be accessed from either Wayne Drive or Albert Avenue. There is also on street parking.

Do I have to introduce myself if I am new?

No, you can totally slip into a pew. You may be asked casually if you are new by the door greeter or during the informal greeting time in the service. However, there is no pressure to announce yourself unless you wish to, which we always welcome as well! Anything that makes you feel comfortable.

What Do I Wear?

You are welcome to wear whatever feels comfortable to worship. Some may enjoy dressing up while others may dress more casually. It is totally up to you. We're not worried about what you wear to church, we just want to welcome you to join us!

What about my kids? 

Fairview absolutely welcomes children! The children can join us in the sanctuary at the beginning of worship and they can join their own Children's Program of stories, songs, and crafts! You are welcome to come downstairs to see the children's space to make sure your little one is comfortable.


If you have a baby with you, you are welcome to keep him or her in the sanctuary with you. We understand that babies make all sorts of noises, that's okay. If you need to stand up or leave the sanctuary during the service, don't worry. Just do what you need to do!


You can always listen to the service while you keep your baby company in the Nursery. 

Do you welcome other faiths?

Yes, we welcome and recognize other faith groups. While we are a Christian congregation and our language and stories talk about following the way of Jesus, we acknowledge that there are many paths to God, each offering gifts and compassion in this world. 


We continually seek to build bridges and work in cooperation with those of other faiths, learning from other faith practices even as we continue our commitment to follow the way of Jesus.

Still have Questions?

Want to visit? Have any questions? Email us here!

49 Wayne Drive, Brantford, ON, N3R 2Y8

office@fairviewunitedchurch.org  |  Tel: 519-752-8549

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