"Paving the Way to Our Future"


Do you want to help pave the Fairview Community Church parking lot?  It's EASY!

Simply donate whatever amount you feel comfortable with to Fairview United Church using one of our 5 methods explained on our DONATE page.

Be sure to indicate that the donation is for the "PARKING LOT".

(for e-transfers enter "Parking Lot" in the Comment Section)


Do you just want us to apply your donation anonymously? 
Sooo... EASY!  - You're DONE

Your donation will help asphalt the center portion of the parking lot.  Thank You!


Do you want your donation to go to a VIRTUAL parking space on our Parking Lot Diagram?  Also EASY!

Simply indicate in your comments that you agree to your name being displayed on our Website Parking Lot Diagram (Below) and we will asphalt a parking space and indicate your name... in reality we blacken and print your name in a space on the diagram that corresponds to the amount of your donation.

Are you buying a parking space that you can actually park in?

Noooo...!   You are generously helping to pave the driveway, though.

And you are welcome to park in any of our parking spaces (except the one reserved for the minister, of course).

Fund Raising Thermoter1.jpg

Last Update: July 26, 2020

Parking Spot Chart - Last Update: July 26, 2020