Worship Services

Our worship is a mixture of formal and informal time, action and quiet, words and reflection, singing, story and sermon. There will be a piece from our choir. Some Sundays we have our praise band (contemporary music) or guest musicians who play a variety of instruments. We have a time of “passing the peace” where we shake hands and greet each other.  Most weeks there is a sermon offered by our minister on the topic and scripture for the day. 

When there are 5 Sundays in a month, the 5th Sunday will generally be something different from the usual worship format.

We celebrate communion about 4 times a year. Anyone, regardless of their faith background, is welcome to join us for communion. We celebrate the sacrament of baptism several times a year as arranged with those requesting baptism.  While every service has a similar order, starting with Gathering, moving to Hearing the Word, and ending with Responding to the Word, we are open to incorporating many different ways of listening for God’s Spirit moving among us.